Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hi I'm ill

Not a good day for me today guys, woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible throat pain, for a moment I thought I was dreaming but I realized I wasn't when I reached over to my bag to get some Strepsils. So then I woke up this morning to my beautifully annoying alarm clock on my phone which was set up to 6.30 and I honestly couldn't even open my eyes to look at it and turn it off. That's when I decided that I will not be able to move from my bed and stayed at home instead of going to college. It was only half day today and as far as I'm aware we weren't supposed to be doing anything major.

I was enteratining myself today with loads of TV shows,I swear I've watched everything on E4 today including One Tree Hill, 90210, Scrubs etc. I also started watching Julie & Julia (it's got Maryl Streep in it) but somehow I couldn't focus so I turned it off. For the rest of the evening (I meant morning ! see I don't feel well) I was going through tumblr, in particular and I'm just obsessed with that website, literally made my day. There were so many things that I could relate to it's unbeliveble ahaa !

I also visted quite a few shopping websites looking for some cheap clothes because what's the point of spending £40 when you can find something really similar and paying 1/3 of it. Unless it's a proper designer piece of clothing I don't spend much on clothes. Yes, I'm cheap like that. That's why I love Primark ! Which remiands me that I need to go there sometime soon and make my wardrobe happy by buying some new bits and bobs.

I apolagize for the very random note today but I'm kinda lacking inspirations at the moment.


Sunday, 22 April 2012

A trip to aquarium

Hey guys ! 
This has been quite a long day, it was my little brother's birthday- he's 8, that's quite cute. He woke me up at 8 am because he was so excited and he wanted to share all the happiness and joy with me haha ! My mum thought that we'll go to the aquarium for his birthday which I thought was quite a good idea since we don't really have too many 'family days'. Quality time right there (;. 
I will post some of the pictures that I took however they do not represent the actual scene, I couldn't get images to be bright enough as it was quite dark in there and I had to set my camera to a very high ISO (which resulted in quite poor photo quality) however, I used my amazing skills to edit them so hopefully they are not that bad! 
How was your weekend ? ;) 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I can't buy your love, I don't even want to try

Hey guys! 

I honestly do not know what kind of faces I was pulling on those photos and my only defense is the fact that I was bored...
Other than that, hey everyone ! 
Can't believe it's Wednesday already, this week is going so fast. I was meant to take some pictures on a Sunday as I thought it was my day off and I even wrote on the blog that I will however, I went to work on a Saturday, looked on the rota, then looked at the rota again thinking GREAT. Working on Sunday. So, my plans didn't work out. 

I went back to college yesterday after Easter holidays and it was great seeing everyone again. I found out about my two new projects that involve textiles and 3D and I've decided that I'll will defo take some pictures for that, you know, to be more creative and independent and I'm might get my inspiration back :). 

Todays images are from my projects back at sixth form and I really hope you like them ! 

Most of those are from my exam projects when I did my AS levels and I could chose one topic out of five and I chose food. I love colourful images as you will see later on when I'll upload more photos and I thought that this would give me loads of ideas to work on. 
Any opinions on them :)? 

Song of the day : Emili Sande - My kind of love

Hope you have/had lovely day ! xxx

Saturday, 14 April 2012

So I went shopping...

Well hello there (; ! 
This was my brekkie today and it absolutely d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s ! My mum made somewhat between a roll and a burger, she made kind of meat balls, some amazing garlic & curry sauce and on top of that she put some onion,tomato and cucumber in them. The rolls were hot as she prepared them in the oven first, I must admit, I do like McDonalds but THAT was just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I also had a cuppa and in the glass in the background you can see creamed sesame seeds with some honey and I only eat this because it's meant to help my hair stop falling out and make my nails stronger. 

I fancy writing my posts in the morning I don't know why but it's kinda fun to see how my whole day has changed since 9 am when I look at it in the evening. So, I went shopping yesterday. I wasn't meant to but when you're meeting your friend in town, you can't help it. And the fact that my payday was yesterday as well didn't help ! I don't know about you guys but whenever I get paid I tell myself firmly NO you're not spending any money today, try to save it...And then even though I don't spend loads and loads (because I'm only a part-timer so I won't get much money) I still feel like I shouldn't ! 

Anyways, I'll try to control myself next time haha ! 
These are my purchases :
Bright & vivid blue chinos. I have no idea how to wear them and I don't know if I actually like them because  I never had them and this is my first pair. I tried to capture to colour of them but I don't know if you can see it well ? The stripy one is just a tank top and it's one of those basics that will go with most of the things so I thought why not ;). Last one, I call it 'Bambi' because it has Bambi lookalike on the front haha! This top is actually part of my uniform at work and I just needed a new one ;).

I was thinking about teeth whitening for a while now, my teeth are not very bad and they are not yellow like a banana but they are discoloured and everytime I wanted to wear bright lipstick I always stopped myself because it was just a bad combination - my teeth & bright pink. Nuh-ah ! So, I thought why not try something at home. I've tried baking soda which is meant to help you and I used it for a while but I could only see the difference in how shiny my teeth were. So, I'm gonna try and do the whole process today as toy're supposed to do it twice a day. 
And then for the lipstick I got one from TopShop and thought I was a pretty colour so I got it haha ! 

Hope you all have a lovely day today and the weather is nicer than it is where I live as I think I need to take my umbrella out... 


Friday, 13 April 2012

You'll always have my shoulder when you cry

Good Morning Everyone ! 
I've just woken up to a b-e-a-utiful sunshine ! It makes me feel so much better and I'm definitely one of those  who's mood depends on a weather. Please do not think I'm grumpy all the time because I live in UK and it rains, a lot haha ! Plans for today ? I'm heading to town to see my lovely friend and then go to work, buyt honestly I don't mind that because I do enjoy my work (; . 

I've also decided that this weekend is gonna be my photography weekend ! As cheesy as it sounds I am realy hoping that I will be able to take some breath taking pictures. Well,okay they won't be THAT good but I'll try to achieve something as good ;). Hopefully weather will be on my side and won't rain because I really REALLY do not want my camera to get wet. Oh hell no. 
Ahh Bruno Mars on the radio, oh how much I love him ! 

What are you guys doing today/ on the weekend then ? 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

It´s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

Another post, yay !
I was just thinking today that even though I love photography I don't know whether it's actually passion.
Because if it would be then I would probably be taking pictures like crazy, dragging my camera with me everywhere. I used to have photography in sixth form and even though it wasn't actual lesson where we would learn how to use all the buttons, how does lighting matter etc I still had certain projects to do and that motivated me. Especially when I did well and I got told that my work is good, that just made me feel ah-maazing !
It actually did ! And now I'm at college doing Art&Design however I don't do photography at the moment, possibly next year. So I'm kinda left on my own. And I know it depends on me whether I'm taking pictures or not but I don't have the inspiration ! I think that's why I decided to have a blog, so maybe I could be inspired again.

But enough of my moaning ! Haha, my day today has been pretty good, I went bowling for the FIRST time in my life ! I was expecting quite a disaster but I was surprised as I managed to strike not once and not twice! I'm actually proud to say that I actually won, not that I'm making big deal out of it... ;)

Bit more of my pictures hope you like them (;

I would love to read some of your comments and opinions about my pictures, hope
you all had a lovely day ! 

Song of the day : Jason Derulo - Fight For You /
Toto - Africa

Good Night ! <3

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Houston i think we got a problem...

Good day so far, woke up this morning, went for a quick run ( I don't normally do this but I really need to be healthier), shower, get ready and off to see my lovely friend. Now, ready for work I'm listening to Capital Fm and I'm doing my own little chair dance. 

This photo was for my 'sweets' project back in sixth form for my AS Levels. I was proud of this mainly because the colours are showing so well! 
Oooh I fancy some sweets now ! 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Life is what you make it.

My first photo on the blog. It's quite exciting as I haven't 'blogged' in absolutely ages ! 
I used to have a blog when I was around 11-12, that was to kind of keep in touch with my friends and pretend that I have something to say. I would find some random images on googles, and relate them to whatever my post was about that day. The whole idea was pointless but I was proud to say that yes I do have blog.

Well, this time I know what I want to do with my blog; I want to post my images, share them with people, find inspirations. Photography is one of those things that I love but sometimes I take break from it so then I can back with double power. So, here it is, one of my photos. 

Hope you enjoy (; xxx