Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I can't buy your love, I don't even want to try

Hey guys! 

I honestly do not know what kind of faces I was pulling on those photos and my only defense is the fact that I was bored...
Other than that, hey everyone ! 
Can't believe it's Wednesday already, this week is going so fast. I was meant to take some pictures on a Sunday as I thought it was my day off and I even wrote on the blog that I will however, I went to work on a Saturday, looked on the rota, then looked at the rota again thinking GREAT. Working on Sunday. So, my plans didn't work out. 

I went back to college yesterday after Easter holidays and it was great seeing everyone again. I found out about my two new projects that involve textiles and 3D and I've decided that I'll will defo take some pictures for that, you know, to be more creative and independent and I'm might get my inspiration back :). 

Todays images are from my projects back at sixth form and I really hope you like them ! 

Most of those are from my exam projects when I did my AS levels and I could chose one topic out of five and I chose food. I love colourful images as you will see later on when I'll upload more photos and I thought that this would give me loads of ideas to work on. 
Any opinions on them :)? 

Song of the day : Emili Sande - My kind of love

Hope you have/had lovely day ! xxx

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