Friday, 13 April 2012

You'll always have my shoulder when you cry

Good Morning Everyone ! 
I've just woken up to a b-e-a-utiful sunshine ! It makes me feel so much better and I'm definitely one of those  who's mood depends on a weather. Please do not think I'm grumpy all the time because I live in UK and it rains, a lot haha ! Plans for today ? I'm heading to town to see my lovely friend and then go to work, buyt honestly I don't mind that because I do enjoy my work (; . 

I've also decided that this weekend is gonna be my photography weekend ! As cheesy as it sounds I am realy hoping that I will be able to take some breath taking pictures. Well,okay they won't be THAT good but I'll try to achieve something as good ;). Hopefully weather will be on my side and won't rain because I really REALLY do not want my camera to get wet. Oh hell no. 
Ahh Bruno Mars on the radio, oh how much I love him ! 

What are you guys doing today/ on the weekend then ? 


  1. I can understand you so well. my mood depends almost also on the weather :D and I really want the sun back :/ it's so cloudy at the moment.
    good luck with the photography and the weather of course :D
    in btw I think your blog is great and I started to follow you, dear :)
    maybe you'll have a look on mine as well :))


  2. Totally know what you mean, beautifull daus makes me feel so much better! please send some sunshine to holland to ;)?
    Good luck photographing!

    X Denise