Thursday, 12 April 2012

It´s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

Another post, yay !
I was just thinking today that even though I love photography I don't know whether it's actually passion.
Because if it would be then I would probably be taking pictures like crazy, dragging my camera with me everywhere. I used to have photography in sixth form and even though it wasn't actual lesson where we would learn how to use all the buttons, how does lighting matter etc I still had certain projects to do and that motivated me. Especially when I did well and I got told that my work is good, that just made me feel ah-maazing !
It actually did ! And now I'm at college doing Art&Design however I don't do photography at the moment, possibly next year. So I'm kinda left on my own. And I know it depends on me whether I'm taking pictures or not but I don't have the inspiration ! I think that's why I decided to have a blog, so maybe I could be inspired again.

But enough of my moaning ! Haha, my day today has been pretty good, I went bowling for the FIRST time in my life ! I was expecting quite a disaster but I was surprised as I managed to strike not once and not twice! I'm actually proud to say that I actually won, not that I'm making big deal out of it... ;)

Bit more of my pictures hope you like them (;

I would love to read some of your comments and opinions about my pictures, hope
you all had a lovely day ! 

Song of the day : Jason Derulo - Fight For You /
Toto - Africa

Good Night ! <3

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